Retaining Wall Solutions

A retaining wall is a wall or structure designed and constructed to support soil at a slope steeper than can naturally be supported. (Angle of repose e.g. Sand = 45°).

A building permit is required where any proposed retaining wall is to be located within 1.0m of the boundary or if not on boundary, where it is greater than, or equal to 500mm in height.

While retaining walls are primarily designed to support soil, they may also be placed under a stress from other factors such as buildings, footings, vehicle loads, driveways, water and wind loads on dividing fences. Most retaining walls are designed to support soil only; these walls are termed ‘non-surcharged’. It is very important to ensure the wall you intend to construct is designed to support any surcharge that may be placed upon it.

It is best to use an approved installer like WestAus Fencing.

Concrete Panel and Post Retaining also known as Twin Side Retaining is a great cost-effective alternative to brick and limestone walls. This style of retaining has an advantage over other retaining wall types as that they are only 130mm thick being an ideal space saving retaining or fence walling system. The walls are quickly and easily installed, keeping costs down.

At WestAus Fencing we supply and install panel and post retaining of various suppliers and patters at a very competitive price.

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