One of the most popular types of fencing in Australia is Hardie Fencing (formerly Super Six Fencing). Hardie fence sheets in Perth have long been used to add security and privacy to residential and commercial properties.

Made from cement fibre, Hardie fencing in Perth has come to replace the dangerous asbestos fencing that used to be common in homes. The system consists of interlocking sheets with metal capping. Each sheet has an overlap on one edge, and an underlap (or smaller corrugation) on the other edge to enable seamless interlocking.

Hardie fencing contractors in Perth install the system by digging a trench and fitting the sheets in, before backfilling the trench on both sides. The aluminium caps help to keep the sheets together and metal clips connect the tops of the sheets together. Hardie fence is perfect for Perth’s sandy soils as it’s interlocking design eliminates gaps below the fence on both level and sloping sites. It provides a barrier to weeds growing under the fence and is effective at keeping even the most enthusiastic dog from getting out. Professional installation from Hardie fence contractors in Perth will ensure that your fence will remain in good condition for many years to come.

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    Hardifence in Perth residential areas (where boundary lines are often shared) is a great solution, as it can be painted after installation, allowing each neighbour to choose a colour that complements their backyard.

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    Hardie fencing is often favoured over metal options because it allows more flexibility, and because it is not at risk of rusting out due to moisture in the soil. It’s also often cheaper to repair, as broken sections can simply be replaced, rather than entire lengths of metal sheeting and is often more affordable to purchase although installation costs will depend on the labor intensiveness of digging the trenches to install it. Local Hardifence suppliers in Perth, like us, can assess your property and requirements to advise you on what type of fencing best suits your needs.

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