Protect the security of your property from trespassers with Garrison fencing in Perth.

A popular choice for WA schools, recreation centres, government infrastructure, commercial properties and even residences, this type of security fencing is highly valued for its ability to keep intruders out without obstructing the view outside.

Palisade fencing in Perth is a common sight, constructed from a post, rail and paling system. It’s well-regarded as one of the best ways to increase the security around a property as it can be fitted with a range of different tops including spear-like tops. Garrison fencing suppliers in Perth often consider the steel security system to be of the best value, made from steel pickets it becomes an almost impenetrable barrier when installed. Offering a high level of protection and durability, premium Garrison fencing is capable of withstanding the Australian climate and is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. It’s strong, steel design means it is almost impervious to damage and will hold up for many years without the need for replacement or repairs. Extremely difficult to penetrate, it is an excellent solution for deterring intruders and with a variety of different rail heights and accessories available it can be easily configured to suit a range of different properties.

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